Updating the application
Once you have registered on the website, an activation email will be sent to your account. You are to log back into the website and continue the application process. Information is saved automatically to the website. You can log in and log out as needed.

Why isn’t my password going through?
Ensure your password is accurate. Examine the caps lock to ensure it is not on when it shouldn’t be. In setting your password use both letters and numbers.

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset my password?
Click “forgot password” and look out for an email which will guide you on how to reset your password.

I can’t select all the school choices that I want.
The online portal is presently only for schools in the Castries Basin. If the school of choice is within this area, select your preferred box of options.

What if the utility bill is not on my name?
If the utility bill is in someone else’s name, submit a letter stating your relation to the individual and confirming that you reside with the individual.

I have not received a verification email. What should I do?
If you have not received a verification email, check your spam or junk mail before contacting the Helpdesk.

What is the development assessment?
This is found in your child’s/ward’s health card. It is the section indicating that your child/ ward has been assessed by a medical practitioner (doctor or nurse) and whether your child/ ward has achieved the 3 ½ year milestones.

At what age should a child be registered into Kindergarten?
Registration is open to children who turn 5 years of age before December 31st of the year they are expected to start school e.g. December 31st, 2024 for students expected to start school September 2024.

I am having trouble uploading the documents e.g. birth certificate, what should I do?
PDF documents are not accepted by the website. Scan or snap a picture of the various documents using JPEG feature at a low-resolution setting. Ensure the photos are clear and upload each photo under the different headings. If you are having an issue adjusting your photo settings click on the below:

How long does it take for my application to be processed?
Your application will be handled in a timely manner and communicated to you through the school that your child is assigned to before the end of the academic year.

How do I know that my application is complete and has been submitted?
Once you have completed the application successfully, you will receive a confirmation.